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Rain, Rain, Go Away...

How wet has is been today? I said I'd come back and try to post images in this blog; and it's doing some very strange things - so, what I think I'm going to do, is to clear this blog out by deleting it all; and starting afresh - but that won't be this minute...

I have one large order/commission to complete, which will take me right up to the end of November - that's when you can start to request miniatures again - I realise it's then a short hop to Christmas - but I just wanted to let you all know, so it will be first come first served at the end of November for Christmas orders/commissions. At present I cannot take anymore requests, apologies...

There should be some mini goodies for sale in my online store by the end of the week too! Again, I'll let you all know...

Have a lovely evening; and I'll pop by again soon!

Mailing List info...

I can't believe how quickly this year is passing by; and Autumn Miniatura - so good to see everyone again and thank you for stopping by to indulge! My next show is their 'new' show at Cranmore Park; and as I have three successive shows booked for November, time is already escaping me...

My mailing list - it is so, soooo long since I wrote to you all, or sent out a newsletter, that some of you have entered your email addresses via my mailing list on this site - if you receive future emails in duplicate, please let me know and I will sift through and remove any extra entries (my fault and I apologise, I know I am neglecting my correspondence somewhat, please forgive me).

I wanted to add an image, but for some reason it's playing up! I added new securitry to this PC when all the furore about 'bugs' was apparent; and it's been a while since I added an image, that it could be that I need to 'allow' certain things to enable image insertion. Anyhow, I'll publish this, then try to come back and edit after searching where it's going wonky. It'll be my fault I know, as you all know, I'd rather be sat making mini's than sitting and trying to fathom out what this PC's up to now...

On that note, I'll go and see what's happening as to why I can't insert an image - bye for now...

I hope February doesn't bring any more rain...

As most of you will know, I was at the 'City of London Dollshouse Festival' on Sunday - quite a niche and 'comfy show', although still in it's infancy for want of a better word. The views of Tower Bridge are quite stunning, given the proximity; and it was a beautifully sunny day, even if a tad on the chilly side...

It's obviously not as busy as the Kensington Christmas Festival, which has it's own unique feel and buzz, I recall my first cup of tea going stone cold, having never having the opportunity to even take a sip as it was so so busy! Then even the second cup went cold too... remarkable and we all love it!

I'll pop by in a few days to write some more about the whole weekend's experience, as there is a darker side to events during the Saturday night at the hotel... ahem... Awful! I'm still trying to come down from it!!

Anyhow, as I said - back in a few days - I will too, as things are more relaxed 'time-wise' given I don't have a show until May... big grin!

Bye bye. toot toot, cheerio then x

"Chill December Brings The Sleet, Blazing Fire; and Christmas Treat..."

Brrrrr... Yes, although it is still bright sunshine and blue skies, there is a definite nip in the air! Thanks to Sara Coleridge for the inspiration in my Blog header today. Love that poem; and was taught it as a child.

On my home page I said I would write a little more about the Kensington Christmas Festival last Saturday - what a show! All of you who came to indulge and buy my little creations - you did me proud and I humbly thank you all from the bottom of my heart, so very truly appreciated! I know I always say so, but this time was exceptional. Amazing, thank you x

I had more than the 'real size' treat of a charity cupcake baked and created by Lola  (would love one right now with a cuppa... Scrummy...) Yes, the other treat - I bought a little house kit, which I intend to take a photo of; and show you all when I make it - I can't 'not' make it, as I want to pop it on the mantelpiece for Christmas - can't wait!

An absolutely gorgeous surprise thank you was presented to me from my dear friend Caroline of Itzy Bitzy Workshop, so thrilled and totally unexpected - I promise to photograph it and let you see it as soon as possible, my intention is to photograph some things for my online store and pop them on before the end of the week, so I will photgraph the beautiful little plant then - thank you Caroline! She shouts from Yorkshire...

We were all very lucky indeed to be able to view some of the Private Miniatures Collections of Ahmed Al-Thani, so gracious to bring these exquisitely glorious miniatures for public viewing, I think this was my biggest treat of all if I'm honest - I could barely tear myself away from the cabinets housing them! Absolutely incredible; and I am sure all who visited will agree whole heartedly...

I guess that's it for now, oh, before I forget - I still can't take any more orders/commissions - what I am currently creating will take me right up to the end of December; and then I can take more if you want to get in touch, thank you.

Bye for now then...

Blue Skies & Sunny Days . . . Still?

Yes, the summer was fantastic wasn't it? I can't believe the good weather is still with us! Now I thought the clocks were to change last Saturday night/Sunday morning... my calendar - which is a good one I might add - says '6th October - Daylight Saving Begins'. Now wouldn't you expect the clocks to change seeing that little snippet? My way of adjusting is to stay up an extra hour (if I haven't already fallen asleep btw) then I find it easier to go to bed at the newly corrected time the following day... Next morning, I changed all the clocks - analogue and digital and went about the day in my own merry little way, thinking "It's going to be darker earlier this evening" and also thinking how I hate the short days and longer nights - even though I LOVE the changing of the seasons.

My Sunday was as always is, so to speak; and then when I decided to go out, I picked up my phone and thought it hadn't altered it's own little clock automatically - yes I know you're all smirking - it was then I questioned my own sanity, checked the calendar - yes, it said 'Daylight Saving Time Begins', so I then decided to go online and yes, you've guessed - the clocks don't go back until the end of the month!?!! Boy was I mad at myself; and the Calendar! Even more annoyed I'd missed an hour's retail therapy time...

Needless to say I was very tired earlier than usual that evening, but at least the darker nights aren't quite here yet!

Catch up with you all soon - promise!

More Mini's added to my online store!

Just popping by to let you all know I have added some more items to my online store . . . thanks if you take a peep and indulge!

My doggie Kip is stable, getting no better, whilst not getting any worse, he goes back to his Doc's on Thursday.

Just a quickie - I like to snack on Almonds - did you know they are less expensive on the 'Baking Aisles' of the supermarket?! I'm told it's because they are not as 'pretty', being less symmetrical and the like, chipped etc, etc. Why do the stores insist on symmetrical food? Do we really have to have tomatoes and other veggies all the same size? Merchandisers say it's because they look better on the shelves, absolutely ludricous - what happens to all the food that doesn't fit this 'symmtrical' quota then? Aren't there enough starving people globally without adding insult to injury?

If you think it doesn't apply to the British Isles - think again, as food poverty is on the increase, take a look at these links and see if we can all help by donating in some way.

'Food Poverty Affects 4 million in UK'

'Fighting Hunger in the UK'

Thanks Everyone For All The Good Wishes Received At Kensington!

Yes, I know it takes me forever to come in here and post . . .

I came in here really to thank everyone for all their good wishes for my doggie received at the Kensington Summer Festival. He is still ill, getting no better and/or no worse; but, the up side is - his bone marrow is starting to work properly again, so onwards and upwards as I always seem to keep saying. He's ten, so the healing process is always slower. We'll get there.

I'm as abusy as I can be as always; my stocks were truly depleted at KDF, so I'm juggling and creating to try and get more mini goodies together - I also have some photos of minis to upload and pop in my online store. I will email you all when they're up for grabs!

I think that's it for today, other than to thank you all far and wide; and, across the Globe for your continued support and folllowing in my miniature world . . .

Bye for now . . . back in a couple of days . . .

February brings the rain - and Valentines - and pancakes . . .

. . . I think I'd rather have the pancakes this year LoL! No seriously, I am a complete romantic, but, I do love pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, well anyday come to think!

I will be starting a batch of asparagus bundles for those who have been enquiring, from next week; and I'll put some in the usual buying areas as always. I guess it's because they are so so small that they are a really popular item, both at the shows and online, you know I have never tried them with Hollandaise sauce, made them in miniature, but never tasted them for real. Normally have them with 'real' butter when they're in season. Just such a glorious taste to look forward to each year!

I'm also on with some Parma Ham orders should anyone wish to add to the numbers ;) Don't forget if there's anything in my Galleries you wish to have me create - do get in touch. As long as it's not some of the OOAK 'Harbour Collection' pieces. Can you remember those? I think it was 2007/8 (I still have some of the collection) ooooOOOOOOO I hear some of you say and a sharp intake of breath!

The days are flying by as always, doesn't seem that long ago since Christmas does it? And here we are nearly halfway through February already. It's also forecast snow for today, so we'll see, as it was non-eventful last week as promised by our met office. Well, we did get some, but not as deep as forecast. I just hate the freezing fog we've had! So, drive safe everyone.

Ah well, have a fab weekend and I'll catch up soon, bye now!

Happy New Year !

Just dropping by to wish one and all a very Happy New Year for 2012!

Did you all have a good Christmas? I think I may need to detox somewhat this month, I bought some Japanese Green Tea but WOW! it is bitter, much prefer the Moroccan Mint Green Tea I normally buy for my 'first cup of the day', normally I'll drink this after my early morning walk with Kip. Solid ground with ice this morning for the first time in a while. More normal for this time of year, so it feels better, know that may sound stupid, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

Someone bought me a book as a gift for Christmas about 'Amigurami' think that's how you spell it . . . don't worry 'Muffa', I will certainly not be selling mini Amigurami LoL! No - I'm absolutely not posting any images either . . . although some certain person's already claimed my first 'little attempt' . . . little white mohair wool teddy - cute!

Well that's it for now; and I'll catch up with all your emails this weekend - bye!

A Few Festive Goodies Added to my Store !

Dropping by to let you know I've just added some Festive Goodies for Christmas to my 'Online Store' - thanks if you take a look . . .

Isn't this weather just awful? Rain rain rain - incessant! Talk about welly weather! Be glad to get back into me boots when I walk the dog. Not much to say today I'm afraid other than have a great week and I hope you are all getting closer to being ready for a cool yule; and yes I know - some of you were 'ready for Christmas' a while ago {:O) Wish I was LoL!

Anyhow, bye for now . . .

Just Added Some 1:24 / Half Scale Items!

Just a quick note to let you know I have added some teeny tiny 1:24 scale / Half Scale items to my online store - I'll add some festive goodies over the next couple of days . . . bye for now!

Are We All Ready For Christmas?

Most of you will know I was at the Kensington Christmas Festival on Saturday, although I do travel down on the Friday to take advantage of the evening 'stand set-up' time. Thank you to all the KDF staff for their continued enthusiastic support throughout the whole time we are there, great bunch of people! The standard of miniatures never ceases to amaze me; and I guess as we all progress - the standards of creativity and workmanship will always increase as we strive to gain near perfection during the exercising of our talents. Being a few yards away from James Carrington, I indulged any small amount of spare time just pouring over his exquisite dolls; and enjoying the time he so graciously shared to chat with me about his beautiful work. Superb!

The first slight snowfall came last night, but no sooner had it settled the rain quickly washed it away. The continued mild weather remains a mystery to me; and no doubt to the birdies too. You know I always think about the poor garden visitors. At least the heating bill will be less I suppose.

I've had a couple of lazy days, but realise I need to get staright back into work, least of all to replenish impoverished stock levels - you know - the stuff I always have with me at shows and the like. I'm also working with a couple of prototypes that should've been launched before now . . . hopefully my next show will reveal their unveiling {;0)

Where has this year gone? Perhaps it's my age, my Grandmother always, always said that time goes by more quickly the older you become. How true, how true. I still dream of her, all four feet ten inches of her and tiny tiny feet. I have small feet too - many have jokingly asked 'How do you stay upright?' when they see the size of my feet ha ha! I used to buy childrens' shoes until the last visit - where I was made to have my feet measured as the kids stood by and laughed their socks off . . . my feet are a UK three sometimes four depending on the fitting - dinky!

Ah well, enough of my feet . . . if you have smaller feet than me - you can actually get really small sizes in 'adult' styles, just take a look at this 'Small Shoes' link, I love shoes, but have kerbed the 'must have these shoes' over the past few years . . . see you soon!

I Can't Believe This Weather !!

My last post bid farewell to the summer - but hey presto - 'Hello Indian Summer!' I feel sorry for the birds . . . differing opinions have appeared as to the date we last had this kind of heat at this particular time of year; and I'm going with the '1985' version, as I can distinctly remember this part of my life - especially the summer and it's being warm into October, as I had brought my first Weimeraner puppy home that June; and know the time we spent outside in the garden together went well into October. That year I seemed to be drawing commissions of TVRs more than other subjects too. I even had an agent LoL! Soon realising it was totally unnecessary btw.

Ah well, moving on . . . really enjoyed Miniatura! Lovely to see most of you once again; and thanks to a few of my followers from across the pond for coming and saying 'Hi' and indulging {:O) Truly appreciated; and thanks to one and all from all corners of the globe, which truly does seem to be a 'global village' these days.

I'm now working towards Kensington Christmas Festival, which I have no doubt will be upon us before we know it. Hard to imagine we are so close to Christmas right now! Even the stores have Christmas goodies on sale, a little tooooo early for my own liking, plus it looks like last year's stock! Waste not want not.

That's all for now; and I'll be back to update as soon as possible . . . apparently today is the last of the UK 'heat', so ejoy!

Autumn Miniatura this weekend !

Did you all have a fab summer? Most of you know I usually take my summer holiday at the start fo September; and once again we all returned to the beautiful South Devon Coastline - Hope Cove. Well, Inner Hope to be more precise. So so pretty with the thatched cottages; and literally a couple of minutes walk from the beach and slip. Really lucky with the proximity this year.

As always I'm busy busy busy. A few more of life's challenges have presented themselves since my last show at Kensington's Summer Festival - no, no-one is terminally ill this time, everyone is well - it's just change change change; and I'm working through it all, the minis keeping me sane! I always said the hobby for anyone who was willing to have a go themselves was brilliant occupational therapy. I can get lost in my little creations when I'm truly engrossed; and for that I am thankful.

So, those of you visiting the NEC this coming weekend for Autumn Miniatura - come say 'Hi!' I have two new creations to share, which I know you will love! I know I love them myself, so this time I have kept one of each {;0)

Bye for now then; and I'll catch up again next week now that Summer is over . . .

What have we all been up to this week I wonder ? . . .

I've been putting together some Tudor fruit displays and I'm goggle eyed with the numerous and plentiful teeny tiny grapes that I created yesterday, so many, they look like seeds from a distance! The end result is sooooo worth the effort though. Hope you all have seen and played with the homepage 'strings' on today - great fun, I love it when they are so original with their entry of the day. This one has to be the best to date for me though! They are commemorating 'Les Paul's 96th Birthday' - do go and have a play . . .

So, on that note . . . you know I always throw a pun in here and there . . . here's a lovely miniature guitar link . . . catch up soon; and have a wonderful weekend {:O)

Gorgeous Day . . .

How was everyone’s holiday weekend I wonder? I had a ‘flip-flop’ quest on Saturday; and was thrilled to find some ‘Ipanema’ ones discounted, so bought two pairs! Those should last a good while, everyone knows I live in flip flops {;0)

Sunday was thoroughly enjoyable, as I got to visit a National Trust Property that has been on my ‘things to do’ list for a while now; and it was wonderful! ‘Little Moreton Hall’ in Cheshire - a Tudor Moated Manor House - that is so crooked and quirky you wonder how on earth it manages to stay upright! Well worth a visit if you are ever in the area, do click the link to see more.

Monday was rain, rain and more rain. Kip and I got wet through on our morning walk; and so he got all tucked up, then slept most of the day as usual. As it wasn’t fit to go outdoors, I did a little sketching; and read a while, basically pottered about, whilst enjoying a lazy, lazy day.

Today is gorgeous, swallows and swifts darted about whilst I walked and it felt good to be alive . . . enjoy your week everyone!

Bright and Breezy!

Bit windy to say the least, but glorious sunshine all the same, blows the cobwebs away at least {:O) Kip and I had a wonderful walk and he's snoring away now after his breakfast; and I'm continuing with my mini shoes. I'm adding a few new designs, so I'm develping new patterns that will work in 1:12 / inch scale. Yes, I know I need to start and look at 1:24, but have to psyche myself up to that one!

I've gotten interested in ancestry over the past months; and was intrigued to find out that my Grandma's Great Grandfather was actually a 'Cordwainer' in their home region of Hampshire. So perhaps that is where my love of shoes and of course the desire to create miniature shoes, originates from . . . it's in my genes do you think?

Well, I'll sign off for now and carry on mini cordwaining . . . enjoy the day!

Back To Work {:O)

I think after a few days recuperating, it's now time to get back into my creative guise and replenish my poor dwindling stocks . . . I had such a wonderful show at the weekend, my busiest for over a year now, so I'm really, really pleased and thankful to all you lovely Collectors who stopped by and indulged in my mini's . . . thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Great stuff. Thanks to Charlotte and ALL the staff and helpers associated with the Kensington Dollshouse Festival too, you all work so hard to make it a success - hats off to everyone involved.

I didn't take a camera, but when I can get hold of some images, I promise to post - meantime - have a wonderful week; and I'll carry on preparing for my next show in Autumn . . . bye for now {:O) 

Dashing In and Out !

Three working days left . . . aarrrgghhh!! No, seriously - you know I always get nervous this close to a show; and never, ever feel that I have enough to display.

It'll be a year on the morning I set off, since our dearly departed loved one was diagnosed with the Big C; and those of you who know me - well, they lost their fight in January, so quite often it's difficult for me to come in here and be inspirational, as they were the one who set me off on my travels down the miniature road; and I feel as though I've never looked back . . . just a shame they're not here to see me progress - I'm certain they can actually see me from a 'better place' though.

You see, I've set myself off again . . . so on that note, I say bye for now; and carry on working - come say hi this weekend at Kensington {:O)


Is Summer Early?

Two weeks ago - first thing in the morning when I was walking the dog, I thought I saw a Swallow, then I thought, no you're mistaken, it's too early. The next morning - I saw it again, so watched where it went; and sure enough, it was a Swallow; and  going into the eaves of a roof at the edge of the fields. A male Swallow. On Sunday - I heard the first Cuckoo! Now I know both these birds are early in these parts. I wouldn't normally see Swallows for a couple more weeks; and the Cuckoo - I don't normally hear that until the end of May. Intrigued by their early apearance, I decided to 'google it' (what a wonderful new word to the Oxford English Dictionary, or not as the case may be) . . . Anyhow, here's a link to the 'early birds'  a bit disturbing in part.

I'm panicking again, due to the upcoming Kensington Festival - I know - I always, always panic - so my blog entries will be a bit short and sporadic - 'what's new?' I hear you say . . .

So off I trot to carry on with some work on me mini's . . . {:O)

Not Sure How This Is Going To Look . . .

This is just a test piece really, as I've spent ages transferring more than 600 images over the past ten days into  the 'Galleries' section. But the worst part is - that's only a section of all the images I have!! It's scary, must get some new back-up for them. My last external hard-drive bit the dust, and I cannot get into it at all! Nada, and there are people who are in the know, who had tried and failed too. So please, please, back up your stuff {:O)

Kensington is fast looming; and so I can't stay too long, other than to say have a great weekend; and I will be back Monday now that I have gotten used to my new online surroundings . . . thank you for your patience . . .

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